Amongst the captivating scenes of glitening ice and mirror-smooth waters, we will venture out to the floe edge and immerse ourselves in the kingdom of polar bears, bowhead whales and walrus.

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Encounter the 'Kings of the Arctic" - polar bears, bowhead whales and walrus - in Foxe Basin, one of the richest and most captivating polar environments.

Experience the diversity of the high Arcic, from Inuit culture and ancient Thule settlements to spectacular wide-open landscapes and native wildlife.

Capture stunning photographs of Arctic wildlife, including large walrus pods with mothers and babies in the soft glow of the midnight sun.

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Day by day Itinerary

Kings of the Arctic - Polar Bears, Whales & Walrus

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Day 1

Ottawa - Safari Camp

Depart for Iqaluit, where you'll connect to Igloolik, the oldest Inuit settlement in Canada, to meet your expedition leader. After a brief orientation, set off for camp via snowmobiles and qamituk, a traditional Inuit wooden sled. (D)

Day 2

Safari Camp

Our first visit to the floe edge will allow us to familiarise ourselves with this fascinating environment. We'll enjoy daily boat rides out into the Arctic Ocean in search of bowhead whales and walrus. We may see the enormous walrus huddled on ice or bowhead whales spy-hopping as we cruise past. Relax and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the awe-inspiring sights or take advantage of excellent photographic opportunities. 

Further into the Foxe Basin, we'll come upon large floating islands of ice covered with walrus as well as harp, bearded and ring seals. Be on the lookout for polar bears swimming in the waters or hunting for seals or walrus. We may even catch them lounging on the ice pans. The bright sun reflecting off the crystal-clear, flat waters is simply magical and makes for a perfect summer day in the Arctic, enjoyed by all. (B) (L) (D) 

Day 3

Safari Camp

See day 2

Day 4

Safari Camp

See day 2

Day 5

Safari Camp

See day 2

Day 6

Safari Camp

See day 2

Day 7

Safari Camp - Ottawa

Today, we pack up and make our way back to Igloolik to catch the afternoon flight for Iqaluit and on to Ottawa. (B)

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