Greece Holidays & Travel Facts

There is something mystical and magical about Greece that makes it one of the most popular destinations on the planet. Within easy reach of archaeological sites are breathtaking beaches and relaxed tavernas serving everything from octopus to ouzo. Throw in welcoming locals with an enticing culture and captivating music and it's easy to see why most visitors head home vowing to return.

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Overview for Greece

Greece has something for everyone. Adrenalin-focussed travellers can climb mountains, hike, windsurf and dive. Party types can enjoy pulsating nightlife in Greece's vibrant modern cities and on islands such as Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. Wanderer's can just island hop to their heart's content.

Perhaps, though, the true allure of Greece is due to less tangible attributes - the dazzling clarity of the light and the Aegean waters, the floral aromas that permeate the air, the spirit of the place - for there is hardly a grove, mountain or stream that is not sacred to a deity, and the ghosts of the past still linger everywhere. 

Our Top Picks for Greece
The Acropolis - the most iconic monument in all of ancient Greece
Santorini - world-famous destination where a sophisticated lifestyle and Greek culture merge with spectacular landscapes.
Rhodes - meander through the atmospheric streets of the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe
Delphi - navel of the ancient world and home to the famous oracle that influenced the course of Greek history