Costa Rica, Panama Holidays & Travel Facts

Costa Rica is known as heaven to nature lovers, with breathtaking natural scenery and exceptional wildlife – this is eco tourism at its best.

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
  • Latin American Frog
  • Panama Portobelo Ruins

Overview for Costa Rica, Panama

From surfing its famed Pacific Coast breaks to the volcanic mountain ranges rising from the San Carlos Plains, Costa Rica is a fascinating destination.
Take a bird’s eye view of the Monteverde cloud forests as you take to the sky walk high up in the jungle canopy.

Travel east to the warm waters of the Caribbean where turtle hatchlings make their way by moonlight to the sea.

Panama, often the path less travelled, is home to an engineering marvel, indigenous Indian tribes and Central America’s most vibrant city. All of this is at the crossroads where two great continents meet.

Panama City is a modern skyline of towering glass and steel rich in commerce and culture. The Panama Canal, where ships navigate their way to the Caribbean, is located close by.

Take a ride aboard the trans-continental train to the historic ruins of Portobelo where Spanish ships once set sail laden with treasures of silver and gold.
Visit a mystical world of medicine men and ancient traditions in the jungles of the Chagres River. Discover how local communities have used rainforest plants for medicines and rituals since time began.

A journey to Belize offers the discerning traveller an intriguing mix of tropical rainforest, mysterious Mayan temples and diving experiences beyond compare.
Scale the pyramids of Mayan Caracol before descending into the subterranean world of the Rio Frio Caves.

Explore the underwater world. Ambergris Caye a kaleidoscope of colours full of rare corals and tropical fish, or simply just bask in the sun on the Caribbean shores.