Chile Holidays & Travel Facts

Scenic vistas and climatic extremes abound the long narrow strip of land known as Chile. From the dry San Pedro de Atacama Desert in the north to the lush countryside of the central region and stunning Patagonia to the south, this beautiful country has something for all travellers.

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Overview for Chile

The nations capital of Santiago is a colourful blend of old and new, with an ever-increasing skyline. To the south of the country lies Patagonia with its wild untamed beauty of ice blue glaciers and fjords. Chilean wines have become well known around the world and vineyards can be found all over the country. To the north lies the Atacama region, a truly unique environment, with the lunar appearance of 'Moon Valley' and remote villages surrounded by salt mountains. Venture west to the mystical Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island, and discover a culture whose origins and evolution are still largely unknown.


Best time to visit

Santiago and the middle of Chile are best visited in spring between September & November or during autumn from February-April. The Lakes District and Torres del Paine in the south are best explored during the summer months from December through March. The Atacama Desert can be enjoyed year-round, with sizzling summer days and frosty cold nights at high altitudes. Easter Island is cooler and quieter outside of summer, but March is an optimum time to explore its attractions.

Getting Around

Within Chile, Adventure World can book domestic flights as part of a LAN airpass. This can be a cost effective option for longer journeys. Tourist class coaches are available for travel to some cities. Adventure World specialises in itineraries with your own private car and driver. Providing a personalised and flexible experience, your English-speaking guide will escort you in each town when you visit the sights and attractions and share their insight on local life, customs and culture.   

Popular destinations



The gateway city to Chile - Santiago is a sprawling modern metropolis with narrow streets. It is one of the few cities in the world where you can take a swim in the Pacific Ocean in the morning and then ski on the slopes of the Valle Nevado in the afternoon. A walking tour of Santiago is the best way to see this city of contrasts. We offer a three day Essential Santiago Tour covering the must see attractions. 

Atacama Desert

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the starkly desolate but unique Atacama Desert comprises deeply incised canyons and the Andean Altiplano with its volcanic summits. San Pedro de Atacama is a placid oasis of adobe houses at the northern end of the Salar de Atacama, a saline lake that has almost completely evaporated. Valley de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), is where flood and wind have left an array of oddly shaped desert landforms giving you the feeling of being on the mood itself. There are a number of options when visiting the Atacama, from Explora en Atacama Luxury Hotel to San Pedro de Atacama, offering many choices of excursions into the desert.

Easter Island

Rapa Nui is one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands. Scattered with hundreds of colossal moai, these tall and heavy statues were transported great distances from the quarry to coast and erected on great stone ahu (platforms). The islanders also created burial cairns (large piles of rock where bodies were entombed) and the foundations of the unusual hare paenga (boat-shaped thatched houses). A three day Easter Island tour is the perfect sample of this mysterious destination. Why not experience a luxury accommodation option at Explora en Rapa Nui.


Lake District

Puerto Montt and Osorno are some of the best bases for exploring the Chilean lakes. Puerto Varas, a beautiful concentration of Middle European architecture, is the gateway to the popular boat-bus crossing via Lago Todos los Santos en route to the Argentine lake resort of Bariloche.


Discover what is considered by many to be Latin America’s finest national park, with towering granite massifs, translucent blue-green lakes, forests and abundant wildlife. Patagonia fascinates with its remote location and stunning landscapes. The park is located 400km from Punta Arenas and 150 km from Puerto Natales; between the massif of Los Andes Mountain Range and the Patagonian steppes. For a unique experience, cruise the around the Patagonian fjords including the Beagle Channel, the mythical Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego. 

Torres Del Paine

Torres del Paine is probably the world’s most spectacular national park and a popular hiking destination. Covering 242,000 hectares, it is one of the largest and most visited parks in Chile. A popular way of seeing this stunning National Park is to take the ‘W Trek’ – named for the shape of the route. This path will take you on trails reaching amazing glaciers, grasslands, secluded lakes, forests and the peaks Torres del Paine Mountain. A popular option is to stay at the EcoCamp Dome Suites while enjoying a variety of activities.