New Caledonia Holidays & Travel Facts

There's no better place to experience the Pacific with a taste of France than New Caledonia, where Melanesian tradition blends with French sophistication. This mix of the chic yet casual, très French but ultimately Pacific comes together with peerless élan in Noumea, the capital. When you leave the capital, the urban scenery gives way to changing landscapes – the rolling plains of la brousse (the bush), lush river valleys, steep mountains coursed by tumbling waterfalls, cool rainforests and wild coastlines.

  • New Caledonia view of city and beach
  • Lifou beach
  • Noumea
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  • Baie d Upie Isle of Pines
  • Sunset New Caledonia

Overview for New Caledonia

Where is New Caledonia?

Only 2½ hours north east of Sydney, New Caledonia offers a unique South Pacific holiday. The population of around 200,000 is made up of a blend of Melanesian and French cultures, giving New Caledonia a flavour of its own. From cosmopolitan Nouméa in the south to the remote Loyalty Islands, from high central mountains to low lying tropical atolls, New Caledonia offers the visitor an abundance of holiday options, all in one destination.

You’ll enjoy your stay…

New Caledonia offers the visitor a large range of holiday options. You can laze your days away on deserted beaches on the Loyalty Islands or Isle of Pines, live it up in cosmopolitan and sophisticated Nouméa with its French restaurants, watersports, shopping and resort hotels or drift around the main island by car exploring waterfalls, cattle ranches and simple Melanesian village living.

Noumea – Experience France in the South Pacific in Noumea. Enjoy boules, beaches and baguettes with a Melanesian touch. With more than 130 restaurants in the capital, Noumea you will be spoilt with amazing French cuisine & sophistication, chic yet casual.

Outer Islands – the Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands group boast some of the finest beaches in the South Pacific and are easily accessible by regular domestic flight with Air Caledonie and also launch transfers to Isle of Pine.