Tonga Holidays & Travel Facts

Nested in the South Pacific, the kingdom of Tonga is the 'True South Pacific'. The history, the culture, the charm of this ancient Kingdom traces its origin back to 500AD. With over 170 islands, Tonga offers a host of exciting activities and unique cultural experiences. The kingdom of Tonga is the only remaining Monarchical Kingdom in Polynesia.

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Overview for Tonga

Where is the Kingdom of Tonga?

Right on the international dateline, just under 3 hours flight north-east of New Zealand lies the Kingdom of Tonga, the Pacific’s only monarchy and the only group of islands never to have been colonised by the Europeans. Comprising of 170 islands, 37 of which are inhabited. The 3 main island groups are Tongatapu (home of the capital Nuku’alofa) in the south, Ha’apai in the centre and Vava’u in the north.

You’ll enjoy your stay…

Tongans are friendly easy going people with a strong sense of family and church. Each island group offers its own attractions. The main island of Tongatapu is home to the Royal Palace, blow holes and the ancient Ha’amonga Trilithon. For those interested more in watersports and swimming with the whales then a visit to either Ha’apai or Vava’u is a must.