Celebrating International Women's Day:

with five of our own inspiring women

08/03/2023 | Published 11 months ago

Each year International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women around the world and raises awareness about women’s equality to help forge positive change. Though for us, this is a part of what we aim to do everyday with our Travel with Purpose ethos.

With our partner Treadright, we’re working towards 17 of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, including the 5th Goal, Gender Equality. To do this, we carefully select and work with suppliers in destinations who provide economic opportunities and the chance to pursue an education where existing pathways may not exist. We’re proud to offer experiences that visit projects that embody this like Iraq Al-Amir, in Jordan and stays at properties like Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana so that our guests can see the results of this work for themselves.

Here at Adventure World, we are proud to boast a leadership team including several women of accomplishment and that through the diversity, equity and inclusion policies of our parent company, The Travel Corporation, there are opportunities for women to become strong leaders of tomorrow.

To celebrate this International Women’s day, we spoke with five of our own inspiring women who help us travel with purpose to find out what drives them.

Caryn Young

General Manager


What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of? 

I am proud to be the GM of Adventure World and to be leading our Travel with Purpose charge. I want my children’s children to be able to travel to the amazing destinations I have, to see wildlife roaming the Serengeti, to meet the local people and hear their stories and to see the spectacular scenery the world has to offer.  I truly believe we all have the opportunity to influence change for the better and I am going to be at the front, leading the charge.

What drives you?

Travel is my passion.  Four decades on and travel is still what gets me out of bed. I love travelling and I love sharing my knowledge and travel experiences with other likeminded people. Sounds corny, but I love the destinations we sell, our product and what we stand for.

What advice would you give women and girls in particular who are passionate about making a change in the world? 

When you travel, make a conscious effect to spend time with the local women and immerse yourself into their local culture.  You will learn so much and they will love you for it. Believe in yourself and remember - you create your own destiny.  

Carly Reynolds

North America Destination Expert


What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of? 

Being pro-active about creating the life I want for myself. If I want something, I go after it. If something doesn’t feel right, I trust my intuition & make a conscious choice to re-route & change my path. I take actions every day to shape my future to ensure I am living in alignment with who I want to be.

What drives you?

My relationships with my loved ones. I want to be the best version of myself, for them.

What advice would you give women and girls in particular who are passionate about making a change in the world? 

Set yourself ‘SMART’ goals & work hard to achieve them. Don’t feel pressured by other people’s situations or timelines. You are on your own journey & need to trust that your path will work out exactly as it’s meant to, in it’s own divine timing.

Aleta Freer

Head of Operations


What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of? 

I would say leading the Adventure World team over the past couple of years out of COVID and helping to set us on the road to further success is my proudest professional achievement. We have such a great team who have really been through it but have stayed together and grown closer as a result.

What drives you?

My family is very important to me. I am a single mum to a 5-year-old boy who is loving life and just starting in Kindergarten. I think it’s important to help him to experience the world in a balanced way, to expose him to other cultures and ways of living and to show him the impact that he can have on the world and hopefully how to contribute to making it a better place. I believe that travel can bring people together, make us feel more connected and motivate us to take better care of the world we live in and the people who live in it with us.

What advice would you give women and girls in particular who are passionate about making a change in the world? 

You are capable of more than you think. One of the things that I find very helpful is to keep a running list of achievements that you are proud of. Anything from overcoming a difficult situation to achieving an amazing result. Have this list handy for performance reviews, job applications or conversations with you manager. It’s very easy to focus on what went wrong or how to improve and we forget to remember what went right and how amazing we actually are! 

Lauren Oxenham

Product Load Executive


What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of? 


Becoming the President and resident choreographer of Hornsby Musical Society at 27, which I still currently run. Despite being a female dominated industry/hobby most societies are run by older men.

What drives you?


Passing on my passion for the performing arts to younger artists through mentorship and teaching as well as creating a safe space for all to express themselves creatively.

What advice would you give women and girls in particular who are passionate about making a change in the world? 


Just go for it and don’t concern yourself with what other people think of you. You can be the most delicious peach on the tree and someone is still not going to like peaches.


Lubi Sibikova

Scandinavia Product Manager


What’s one accomplishment you’re proud of? 


I am very proud of my passionate Nordics team, who makes it joy going to work every day. I am also pleased with my latest achievement of buying a house. I work from home and it allows me to enjoy the work-life balance so much more.

What drives you?


Travelling. I have a soft spot for the polar regions and unique places. Searching for wildlife, exploring remote landscapes or just spending a night in a glass igloo in the middle of the forest above the Arctic Circle, admiring the display of dancing Aurora Borealis is something I believe everyone should experience this one of a kind feeling at least once in their lifetime.
I find these places so inspiring and want to share the experience with everyone. So when you can combine your passion with your daily job and help someone else fulfil their travel dreams, it makes your heart full.

What advice would you give women and girls in particular who are passionate about making a change in the world? 


Be fierce! There is nothing more attractive than a strong independent woman with passion and if you truly believe there is a change to be made, just go for it!