Get to Know Olo:

One of our North America & Scandinavia Destination Experts

By Shelby Bannister | 06/03/2021 | Published 20 days ago

Can you tell us your position at Adventure World Travel?

I am a North America & Scandinavia Destination Expert.

Talk us through your career in travel and your travel background that has brought you to this role at AWT?

After study I found myself within Travel selling the world. Though after a few years I wanted to venture out as I found myself wanting to focus on a destination I was passionate about and applied for a position within the North America team at Adventure World Travel. 13 years on and here we are!


Canada obviously has a special place in your heart, can you share with us the reason/s?

North America always interested me. Once I started with Adventure World Travel I found myself loving it even more, especially Canada & Alaska. The people, the culture, the food and the sights all have a special place in my heart.

What sort of traveller are you, and what do you seek?

I took online quiz about this once and according to my answers I'm a luxury traveller, I admit I do like to stay in fancy places from time to time, but you wouldn't catch me taking a yoga class at sunrise! I am definitely someone who appreciates having my days planned out. Though overall, I seek a bit of everything – history, wildlife, good food and unique accommodation!

Do you have a favourite trip you can tell us about?

I think my favourite would have to be during winter in British Columbia, Canada. Tried to learn how to ski, turns out it was not for me that’s for sure. Though I did love the cold and seeing snow for the first time. My biggest highlight was probably ziplining through & above snow-capped trees in Whistler, it was very refreshing & exhilarating!


Adventure World Travel offers many unique wildlife observing experiences, tell us about your favourite encounter?

Once I was in Banff on a tour and we found ourselves in our vehicle surrounded by Elk!

If money was no issue, walk me through your dream itinerary?

A large part of my dream itinerary wouldn't be too different to our Handpicked Canada itinerary I think. Of course this is a dream, so I'll imagine I can do this all at once despite the seasons!  Though in reality I'd have to split this over multiple trips in the year.

I'd love to start in Alaska. Fly into Ketchikan for a few nights before an inside passage cruise expedition. After a bit of time in Seward and Talkeetna, I'd definitely spend a chunk of time in Denali National Park. Naturally I'd also make my way up to the Arctic Circle with a stop in Fairbanks! Chena Hot Springs would definitely make the list and I'd hope to get a chance to see the Northern Lights.

I'd love to then head into Canada and spend some time at Knight Inlet looking out for Grizzlies before making my way around British Columbia and Alberta. I'd also love to go up to Winnipeg and see the Polar Bears before making my way through Ontario & Quebec on the way to spending my time exploring Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

If you had to pick another country or part of the world as a favourite, where would you choose? Why? 

Samoa. I love going back to visit my parents. Here I can relax, go to the beach down the road, help out with some plantation/farm work and have no worries in the world.


Lastly, Do you have any travel tips for anyone planning a trip to Canada & Alaska? 

Definitely pack your seasonal layers, it's my number 1 rule. On my first winter trip to Canada I had only packed flip flops because I thought it would be easy to get some boots in Vancouver before heading to Whistler. Turns out I didn't have time, so I ended up with some very cold toes at the start of my time in Whistler!

Interested in discovering North America or Scandinavia, the source of Olo's passion? Check out our Canada Tailor-Made collection here, our USA Tailor-Made collection here or our Scandinavia Tailor-Made collection here. Alternatively, enquire now, call (AU) 1300 295 049 or (NZ) 0800 238 368 or see your travel agent to custom make your own tailor-made itinerary.

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