The cruise covers approximately 1200 kilometres of awe-inspiring  encounters with age-old ice formations like Glacier San Rafael;  sailing through stunning archipelagos, channels and gulfs, exploring  towns like Castro and the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre. Be amazed by the natural wonders of vigorous landscapes and wildlife which are best appreciated at Fiordo Quitralco and relax in mystical hot springs.

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Why We Love It

QUINTUPEU, a fjord next to Puerto Montt with enormous mountains that mark the beginning of the Chilean fjords.

The ice of the Glacier San Rafael are more than 30,000 years old. Its front is 2 km wide and its towers soar to over 70 m and sink 230m under the sea

Chiloé is a land of myths and legends like the trauco and the ghost ship “Caleuche”; a land of seafood, apple cider and potatoes.

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Day by day Itinerary

Chonos Classic Route

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Day 1

Puerto Montt

Please make your way to the Puerto Montt Skorpios Pier to embark on the Skorpios II.  You start sailing at midday through the Llanquihue archipelago. Arrival in Quemchi on the island of Chiloé. You disembark on small boats towards the picturesque village where you can visit a handicraft market, cafes, the museum of the Chilean author Francisco Coloane and stroll around the beautiful streets. Continuing sailing south along the archipelago of Chiloé, crossing the Gulf of Corcovado at midnight. (L)(D)

Day 2


Sailing through Moraleda and Ferronave Channels. Arrival at the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre. You disembark in this village enclosed by the Chonos archipelago and walk through a unique ecosystem, in the Patagonian rainforest, arriving at a beautiful lookout. Continue the navigation through the channels of Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Casma. Arrival at Islote Barrientos, where you will board small boats to visit one of the largest bird colonies in Chile, including Kelp Gulls, Rock shags, Red-legged shags and Imperial shags. American fur seals can also be seen. Heading south, you arrive at Caleta Quesahuen or Punta Leopardos, located  20 nautical miles from the Glacier of San Rafael. (B)(L)(D)

Day 3


The ship sails along San Rafael bay and the Témpanos Channel. It enters the lagoon and drops anchor 2 km from the Glacier. Weather permitting you will join a boat excursion through multi-coloured ice floes. The ship will approach the glacier and continue sailing towards Fiordo Quitralco. (B)(L)(D)

Day 4


The vessel berths at Quitralco dock. After breakfast, you may enjoy a soak at local hot springs. With temperatures ranging between 30° - 32°C, you can choose between open air or covered pools. Weather permitting, boat rides are organized to the inner part of the fjord. Continue sailing for Chiloé through Moraleda and Pérez Norte Channels. (B)(L)(D)

Day 5


Sailing across the Leucayec Channel you gain a partial view of Melinka, this island was the hiding place of blood thirsty pirates in the past. Crossing the Gulf of Corcovado, you may be lucky enough to see Blue or Alfaguaras whales. We continue sailing along the eastern coast of Chiloé, arriving at Islote Conejos. You board small boats to visit this beautiful island inhabited by Magellan penguins. Continue sailing through Lemuy and Chelin channels, arriving at Dalcahue village. We recommend to visit the handicraft market, the church or to take pleasant stroll along the promenade. Tonight enjoy farewell party; Captain’s dinner while you navigate towards Puerto Montt. (B)(L)(D)

Day 6

Puerto Montt

After breakfast, disembark at Puerto Montt at approximately 09:00. (B)

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