The award winning architeture of Explora Rapa Nui blends the island's unique geography and heritage with its vibrant present. On foot, bicycle or boat, there are 30 explorations unveiling the island's unique history and charm. The hotel has 30 guest rooms, a swimming pool, open air jacuzzis and daily explorations to reveal the secrets and beauty of the island.

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Learn about the unique culture and heritage of Easter Island and its people.

Visit the Moai - the monolithic stone statues which are located around the island.

Enjoy luxury accommodation in a tranquil location.

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Day by day Itinerary

Explora En Rapa Nui

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Day 1

Explora En Rapa Nui

Upon arrival on Easter Island, you will be met and transferred to Explora En Rapa Nui

Day 2

Explora En Rapa Nui

Explora Rapa Nui offers over 20 explorations at different levels. In general, all have strong cultural and archaeological overtones, and are led by an expert bilingual local guide.

All of the guides speak fluent Spanish and English, are very knowledgeable of their surroundings, and also have Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, allowing them to provide expert aid to people in remote locations.

Every evening in the hotel bar, the guides meet up with guests to program the next day’s activities. The explorations are carried out in groups of no more than 8 people.

You can choose from explorations such as a trip to the Archaeological site Ahu Akahanga, Ara O Te Moai The moai quarry or Terevaka volcano, the highest point of the island, 

Day 3

Explora En Rapa Nui

See day 2 for more details.

Day 4

Explora En Rapa Nui

Transfer to the hotel for your onward flight

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