Patagonia is nature at its most pristine, a land of contrast offering an incredible array of natural sights and wonders. Discover the wild untamed beauty of ice blue glaciers and fjords and of beautiful snowcapped mountains, glittering lakes and sweeping expanses. Voyage to the end of the earth aboard a ship ideally suited for exploring the waters around Tierra del Fuego.

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Spend time in Torres del Paine which boasts some of the world's most stunning mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests.

Cruise to the "end of the earth", Southern Patagonia, one of the most breathtaking wilderness regions in the world.

Visit spectacular De Agostini Sound where you will see glaciers sliding down the mountainside into the sea.

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Day by day Itinerary

Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

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Day 1


Arrive in the southernmost city in the world and transfer to the hotel for your overnight stay.

Day 2

Ushuaia - Beagle Channel

Embark on the Stella Australis for your four night cruise to the “end of the earth”. Enjoy the splendour and beauty of unique natural scenery and wildlife and travel on one of the most comfortable ships designed to make your trip as extraordinary as possible. Travel through the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel to explore one of the most breathtaking wilderness regions in the world, Southern Patagonia, which includes the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. (B)(D)

Day 3

Cape Horn - Wulaia Bay

Sail through Murray Channel and Nassau Bay to reach Cape Horn National Park, where, weather permitting, you shall go ashore. The legendary Cape Horn was discovered in 1616 and is a sheer 425 metre high rocky promontory. For many years it was an important navigation route between the Pacific and the Atlantic, and is referred to as the “end of the earth”. In the afternoon, go ashore at historic Wulaia Bay, originally the site of one of the region’s largest Yamana aboriginal settlements. Charles Darwin landed there in 1833 during his voyage on the HMS Beagle. This area is also renowned for the mesmerising beauty of its vegetation and geography. Take an enchanting walk through the Magellan Forest of lengas, coigues, canelos, ferns, and other endemic vegetation, to reach a panoramic viewpoint. (B)(L)(D)

Day 4

Pia Glacier - Garibaldi Glacier

Today you'll navigate along the Northwest arm of the Beagle Channel to reach Pia Fjord. After disembarking, take a short hike to gain a panoramic view of the spectacular Pia Glacier. This breathtaking glacier extends down from the mountains into the sea, and is one of the highlights of ‘Glacier Alley’. Listen for the ice creaking and groaning and you may even witness huge chunks of ice calving from the frozen wall and crashing into the sea.
In the afternoon enter Garibaldi Fjord where you'll disembark for a hike through the Magellanic forest up to a glacial waterfall to enjoy spectacular views down on the glacier and fjord. The walk is demanding so for those who choose to stay onboard, the Captain will point the bow towards the beautiful blue Garibaldi Glacier so that they can enjoy the panoramic view from the upper decks. (B)(L)(D)

Day 5

Agostini Sound - Aguilar Glacier

Early in the morning, sail through the Cockburn Channel and enter the spectacular de Agostini Sound, in the heart of the Darwin Mountain Range  From there it is possible to see the glaciers that descend from the middle of the Darwin Mountain Range - some of them sliding down the mountainside all the way to the sea.

Travel to Aguilar Glacier and embark upon an easy walk to its base. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of Patagonia’s cold rainforest and to see how the power of nature has moulded the spectacular landscape. You will reach a spot right in front of the glacier with stunning views.  In the afternoon, approach the Condor Glacier via Zodiac and hopefully see some of the abundant Andean Condors in the area. (B)(L)(D)

Day 6

Magdalena Island - Punta Arenas

Early this morning, weather permitting, go ashore on Magdalena Island, located in the middle of the Strait of Magellan. The island used to be an essential source of supplies for navigators and explorers and is inhabited by an immense colony of Magellan penguins that you will be able to see during your walk to the lighthouse. In September and April when the penguins dwell elsewhere, this excursion is replaced by a ride aboard zodiacs to Marta Island to observe South American sea lions. Sail to Punta Arenas and disembark at midday. The rest of the day is at your leisure. (B)

Day 7

Punta Arenas - Torres del Paine

Journey by road on a five hour drive through the windswept plains of Patagonia to Hotel Las Torres, located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, where you will spend the next three nights. A snack will be provided for your drive. Torres del Paine boasts the world’s most stunning array of mountains, glaciers, lakes and forest and is home to a wide variety of animal species, including guanaco (a relative of the llama), condors and flamingos. The hallmark granite horns and towers thrust abruptly skywards from the flat pampa, while lakes of turquoise, emerald, lapis lazuli, sapphire and aquamarine provide the perfect contrast. (B)(D)

Day 8

Torres del Paine

Choose from an array of half day or full day excursions including trekking, horseback riding and guided vehicle excursions. The excursions are designed around a variety of themes to enjoy the national park: from the flora, fauna and geology to the heritage and culture of the gauchos and the indigenous people of the region. They vary from easy to difficult depending on your physical condition and experience.
A haven for trekkers, there are day hikes to the base of the Torres del Paine massif, the French Valley, the Enchanted Valley or more challenging uphill climbs that offer stunning views across the Southern Ice Fields. (B)(L)(D)

Day 9

Torres del Paine

A number of options are available today. Cruise on Lake Grey to admire the immense Grey Glacier. Learn the Patagonian cowboy way by spending a morning riding along trails with the local gauchos, descendants of horsemen who came to work the ranches in this remote region more than a century ago. Hike on one of the many forest trails and look for condors soaring overhead, guanacos grazing on the hillside or, if you’re lucky, spot the reclusive puma. (B)(L)(D)

Day 10

Torres del Paine - El Calafate

After breakfast transfer to El Calafate, a small town set on the edge of Lake Argentino, where you will spend the next two nights. Where the Santa Cruz plateau meets the Andes, El Calafate is the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park. Offering some of the most accessible glaciers of the Patagonian icefield, Los Glaciares is home to over 200 glaciers – all surrounded by pristine forests, shimmering lakes and towering mountains, which combined create some of Patagonia’s most beautiful scenery. (B)

Day 11

El Calafate

This morning begin a full day excursion to the crown jewel of Los Glaciares National Park, the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier. One of the world’s natural wonders and a World Heritage site, Perito Moreno Glacier covers more than four square kilometres and has an ice wall that soars 75 metres above the turquoise water of Argentino Lake. Explore the series of trails which lead to spectacular vantage points of the glacier, or get up close to the towering walls of ice with a boat ride where you will cruise amongst white and blue icebergs until reaching this impressive glacier. The icefield is breathtaking with the thunderous noise of huge blocks of ice breaking off and tumbling into the water. (B)

Day 12

El Calafate

Transfer to El Calafate airport for your onward flight. (B)

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