This trip includes the best of what this magnificent country has to offer, visiting all the major sites. We will have two full days to explore Petra and to take a guided visit around Jerash, one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Middle East. There is time to ‘float’ in the salty waters of the Dead Sea and snorkel over the beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea. We will also experience the fabulous scenery in the desert at Wadi Rum, where we take a 4WD
excursion into the more remote regions and camp out like the Bedouin.

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Discover Petra's secrets, with two full days at the labyrinthine rose-red city

Experience Bedouin life at a desert camp in Wadi Rum

Float in the mystical Dead Sea

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Day by day Itinerary

A Week in Jordan

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Day 1


Today our journey begins in Amman.

Day 2


This morning we drive north to Jerash, known as Gerasa in ancient times. This was one of the ten wealthy, self-governing cities of the Decapolis during Roman times, and was famous throughout the Roman world for the luxury of its lifestyle.

Buried for centuries under blown sand, Jerash is the only city of the Decapolis to have survived, with a dramatic oval forum, colonnaded main streets which remarkably have the drains still intact, two theatres and the impressive temple of Zeus. After a good look around we head south to the Dead Sea in time for a 'float' in the saline waters. In the evening we return to Amman. (B)

Day 3

Amman - Petra

Today is a long driving day down the King's Highway which takes us up and down huge 'wadis' (valleys). There are several stops of interest en route including Madaba, known as the city of the mosaics, Mt Nebo and Kerak, which is a magnificent fortified town.

Further south we reach the magnificent city of Petra; Jordan's premier historic site and one of the world's most outstanding ancient cities. (B)

Day 4


Two full days to explore Petra, the so called rose-red city, 'half as old as time'. Petra was hidden for centuries until the Swiss explorer Burckhardt made his great discovery in 1812. It was founded by the Nabateans, an Arab tribe that arrived here in the 6th century BC. Building at Petra began in the third century BC and continued through the Roman period, financed by taxes levied on the desert caravans.

Two features of Petra are unique: firstly, it is a city made defensible by being built down a series of chasms, rather than on a hilltop. Secondly, it is built directly into the rock - beautiful red and yellow sandstone carved into the most impressive facades which glow in the brilliant sunlight. 

To enter Petra we must begin by walking down a narrow chasm, known as the Siq, surrounded by high cliffs on either side. Unveiled at the end of the Siq is El Khazneh, the Treasury. This is just the first breathtaking sight of a remarkable day. Continuing to the centre of the city, we pass the houses and tombs of the rich citizens and the remarkable scale of the site begins to unveil itself. A long walk beyond the centre is El Deir, the monastery, with its superb facade topped by a huge urn (the walk up is by a series of steps). 

On one of the days we take a walk to the High Places which only few people attempt to visit. This can be quite arduous and is not recommended for those who are unsure of their fitness. However, those who do make it to the top are rewarded with wonderful views over parts of the site visited on the previous day. (B)

Day 5


See Day 4 for today's itinerary. (B)

Day 6

Petra - Wadi Rum

This morning we join the modern Desert Highway and make our way south to Wadi Rum, a beautiful desert area where dramatic sandstone mountains rise from the sandy desert floor. This is where Lawrence of Arabia and Prince Faisal assembled the Arab tribes for the attack on Aqaba in the First World War and also where sections of the 1962 epic film were shot. 

We join our Bedouin guides for a 2-hour 4x4 trip to explore the highlights of the protected area. Towards the end of the day we return to our private camp, located near the small village of Disseh where we enjoy traditional Bedouin hospitality and may have the chance to sleep out under the stars. (B)(D)

Day 7

Wadi Rum - Aqaba

We wake amidst the dramatic desert scenery and then make our way on to Aqaba, Jordan's port and holiday resort, famous for beautiful coral reefs.  There is time today to relax on a local beach where the entrance fee is included. 

You can add to the experience with optional snorkelling and lunch packages which your leader will explain.  Please note there is a cost for these extras.  There are several good restaurants in Aqaba for our evening meal together. (B)

Day 8

Aqaba - Amman

In the morning we travel back to Amman on the fast Desert Highway. In the afternoon you will be given a guided tour of Amman where you will be taken to the famous Amphitheatre. Dating back to the Roman period, when the city was known as Philadelphia, it is one of the main landmarks of Jordan. Then any additional time is free to explore the city or for some last minute shopping! (B)

Day 9


Today our jouney ends in Amman. (B)

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