Uncover the intriguing history of the ancient civilisations that shaped the Mayan World. Travelling through Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, discover the culture and history the Aztec, Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec and Toltec civilisations. Visit temples and relics, marvel at the diverse temples, cross the mighty Usumacinta River by boat and explore the vibrant markets of Oaxaca. 

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Discover the breathtaking ruins of ancient civilisations such as that of the Mayan and Zapotec cultures.

Explore the unique destination of Oaxaca where the cuisine is full of flavour and the markets are vibrant and entertaining.

Explore the cobbled streets of Antigua and see why it is regarded as one of the most attractive cities in Latin America.

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Day by day Itinerary

Beyond the Mayan World

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Day 1

Mexico City

On arrival into Mexico City, make your way to the hotel.

Day 2

Mexico City - Teotihuacan - Mexico City

After a group briefing, there is an excursion to the holy city of Teotihuacan, one of the oldest known archaeological sites in Mexico, thought to have had 25,000 inhabitants in its time. In the afternoon set off for a walking tour of the historical centre of Mexico City. Visit the largest cathedral in Latin America and the archaeological site of Templo Mayor (where the main pyramid of the former Tenochtitlan stood - please note, entrance to this last site is not included but you will see it from the outside).

Day 3

Mexico City - Oaxaca

After breakfast depart towards Oaxaca, stopping your journey after around 2 hours at the Great Pyramid of Cholula. By volume, this is the largest pyramid in the world, influenced by the Olmec, Toltec and Aztec cultures. The pyramid was covered in grass when the Spanish conquered Cholula and they built a large church on top of it - one theory about this is that they mistook the pyramid for a hill! Archaeologists have found some 8km of tunnels inside the structure - you will spend some time at this famous site to understand the history surrounding it. Your second stop will be in nearby Puebla, where you will walk around the colonial centre and see the many religious structures that it is famous for. This afternoon your journey continues for around 4.5 hours to Oaxaca City where you check into your hotel for the night, located in a central position just a few blocks from the main square.

Day 4

Oaxaca - Monte Alban - Oaxaca

This morning visit the incredible pre-Columbian ruins of Monte Alban, sitting 1315 feet up on the side of a mountain overlooking the fertile valley of Oaxaca. A 30 minute drive takes you back to Oaxaca where you will spend the afternoon exploring the plazas and colourful food markets. Oaxacan cuisine is famous for its oversized tortillas, quesillo (a type of cheese in long strips wound into a ball) and of course the world-renowned mole sauce - a blend of chocolate, garlic, nuts, chilli and onions that has tantalised the nation! Mole negro chocolate sauce is the perfect accompaniment to shredded chicken heaped on a freshly cooked tortilla.

Day 5

Oaxaca - Tehuantepec

There is a short drive to Teotitlan del Valle ('Place of the Gods'), a Zapotec community that make traditional weavings in a myriad of colours. The textiles and pottery produced by the Zapotec people follow ancient traditions and have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years - you will learn about the weaving process and see this traditional craft in action. Your journey then continues to the archaeological site of Mitla, impressive ruins surrounded by a town of the same name that was recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The intricately carved stone mosaic patterns found throughout the site are unique to the area. Spend some time exploring Mitla, crowned as one of the architectural wonders of Mexico, before continuing your journey for around 4.5 hours to Tehuantepec.

Day 6

Tehuantepec - San Cristobal de las Casas

Drive for 5 hours to San Cristobal de las Casas, considered to be the cultural capital of the state. You will have a city tour of the cobbled streets this afternoon, before checking into your centrally located hotel, within a short walking distance of the central plaza.

Day 7

San Cristobal de las Casas

Today is a free day to explore San Cristobal de las Casas at your leisure. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting colonial towns on the itinerary with many old churches and squares amongst a lively café scene. It is also a major centre for the Tzotzil Indians, each group having different, colourful costumes. The extensive market has some good handicrafts for sale and plenty of interesting foodstuffs on offer! Alternatively, it's possible to take an optional boat trip through the Sumidero Canyon, or visit a traditional Mayan community in one of the villages outside San Cristobal.

Day 8

San Cristobal de las Casas - Palenque

Set off for Palenque today, stopping your journey after around 2 hours at the archaeological site of Tonina which is less well known than some of Mexico's other sites and as a consequence tends to have relatively few visitors. Tonina is an impressive site with two ball courts, one that is sunken and, at 60 metres long, one of the Mayan world's largest and another that has an altar where it is thought that sacrifices took place. A 2 hour drive this afternoon brings you to Palenque where you check into your hotel for the night - on the way stop at the Agua Azul waterfalls, a beauty spot where it's possible to take a refreshing dip.

Day 9


This morning enjoy a guided tour of the impressive Mayan site of Palenque. The jungle-covered complex is one of the most famous in Mexico and is located in the low hills of Chiapas. The pyramids, sanctuaries and temples, with their sculptured wall-panels and roofs are remarkably well preserved and are probably the finest surviving examples of Mayan buildings. This afternoon it's possible to continue exploring Palenque at your leisure, or take an optional excursion to Misol Ha waterfall, a cascading stream pouring 120 feet into a deep pool of water below. Surrounded by lush vegetation, Misol Ha is perfect for a relaxing afternoon!

Day 10

Palenque - El Remate

There is an early departure today to visit Yaxchilan, some 'lost' ruins that are surrounded by jungle. After a 2.5 hour drive board fibreglass boats and travel along the Usumacinta River in order to reach Yaxchilan, hopefully giving us a chance to see some of the wildlife that frequents this region: occasionally Howler monkeys and Red macaws can be seen. After visiting the ruins, cross the border into Guatemala where your journey continues with a 4.5 hour drive (at times on a dirt road) to the small village of El Remate, close to tomorrow's attraction: Tikal.

Day 11


Tikal is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular of all Mayan sites, surrounded by rainforest and with pyramids rising above the tree tops. Spend the morning here, in the middle of the jungle, exploring nearly 20 square miles of classic Mayan ruins. Take a tour of the city, visiting the Q complex, Main Plaza, North and Central Acropolis, Seven Temples and Mundo Perdido (Lost World). Tikal is a superb area for observing wildlife in the jungle environment and visitors regularly see Howler monkeys, Spider monkeys, toucan, Weaver birds, coatimundi and even tarantula (if you know where to look and wish to find one!). In the afternoon there will be free time to relax by Lake Peten Itza.

Day 12

Tikal - Copan

Today is primarily a long travel day of around 11 hours which also involves a border crossing to get to Copan in Honduras. Break your journey near Rio Dulce for lunch (not included) and to visit the former Spanish fort of Castillo de San Felipe de Lara.

Day 13


Nestled in the Rio Copan Valley, the ancient city of Copan was once a major Mayan capital, the most southerly site of the Mayan empire. Copan is renowned for its striking carvings and architecture and has a huge number of sculptures making this one of the most artistic of all sites. The jungle surrounding Copan is a haven for birds and wildlife and you will also spend some time exploring the eco-park before you return to the quaint town of Copan Ruinas.

Day 14

Copan - Antigua

Make your way to Antigua after breakfast this morning, crossing the border back into Guatemala. The drive should take around 6 hours giving you a free afternoon in Antigua to explore the cobbled streets and numerous churches. Beyond the tiled roofs there are stunning views of the Agua and Fuego Volcanoes - it is not hard to see why Antigua is regarded as one of the most attractive cities in Latin America.

Day 15


Your trip ends today in Antigua.

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