Eden on the Edge of the Desert: The Magic of Salalah during Khareef

31 July 2014

The official dates for the religious holiday Eid in Oman have been formalised as between 24 July – 3 August, 2014 which means for many it’s time to escape the hot temperatures in the Sultanate’s capital of Muscat and head to the temperate south, Salalah.

Each year between mid-July until mid-August the region of Dhofar in Oman’s far south is blessed with cooler temperatures around 15 - 20 degrees as the tropical monsoon coats the usually dry and landscape with a lush green carpet of estuaries, forests, gushing waterfalls and springs. The soft drizzle creates backdrops of misty mountain tops and encourages many to camp in the great outdoors. The governorate hosts a wide range of activities for many of the 400,000 visitors, usually from the neighbouring Gulf countries, with concerts, sporting events and cultural exhibitions.

For Australian travellers bound for Europe during peak season, Salalah makes for a nice mid-way stop as an alternative to the hotter UAE cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Regular flights are available from these hubs straight to Salalah or you can connect from Muscat. Adventure World currently has a 6 night package, Treasures of Oman, from $1809*pp. For the 3 days in Salalah, tours of the rumoured Queen of Sheba’s Palace at Sumhuram, Prophet Job’s Tomb and the Frankincense Souq are all included while accommodation is at the Crowne Plaza.

Uncover the ‘Eden on the Edge of the Desert’ on your next holiday overseas and experience a side trip of a lifetime. Need more motivation? The National Geographic TV crew visited Salalah during last year’s Khareef, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

For more information on Oman visit, and speak to your local travel agent to uncover the Best Kept Secret of Arabia – Oman.

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