Welcome to the Yukon Territory in the north, where the lodges located in the Whitehorse area offer some of the prime locations in the world to see the elusive Northern Lights.  If you are looking for leisure, spend your days relaxing in front of the fireplace, or out exploring on snow shoes.  The open area surrounding each of the cabins allow un-obscured views of the soaring Aurora Borealis!

Why We Love It

See a hint of neon colour in the starry sky, then a jagged burst of green, and soon you're transfixed by an ethereal display of shimmering aurora borealis.

The opportunity to photograph the aurora, the sight of dancing lights in the night sky nourishes all souls.

Enjoy the spectacular views of the Northern Lights from the large deck or the privacy of your cabin.

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Day by day Itinerary of

Yukon Northern Lights

Day 1


Arrive in Whitehorse and transfer to your hotel. 

Day 2


Spend your days discovering scenic Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon. In the evenings, you'll travel outside the city to the Aurora Centre, an idyllic spot for Northern Lights viewing. 

Day 3


See day two itinerary. 

Day 4


Transfer to the airport for your onward arrangements. 

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