Experience the magnificent colours of Monument Valley, follow prehistoric trails to see the astounding spectacle of natural bridges arching across the desert floor and visit Mystery Valley to uncover the mystic legends of the area

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Why We Love It

The stunning desert landscapes of Monument Valley

See the changing colours of the skies over rust-red sands

Explore the mystic legends of Mystery Valley

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Experience Monument Valley

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Day 1

Monument Valley

Witness spectacular long shades and shadows sweep their way over the valley floor. Brilliant red, flaming orange, soft purple and rich gold paint the skies, endowing the buttes, spires and mesas of Monument Valley with that unique, mythical beauty you will not find anywhere else on earth. (D)

Day 2

Monument Valley

Follow the prehistoric trails to discover the eye catching natural bridges arching acrossthe desert floor, delicately connecting the massive sandstone rocks. Mystery Valley is where mystic legends pervade the area.

Day 3

Monument Valley

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